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What is NautiDek?

NautiDek is a unique premium blend of closed cell, high quality EVA/PE foam produced for the harsh marine environment. It has very high UV resistance, it’s UV tested to over triple the best marine upholstery vinyl with no fade. Being that it is a closed cell, it does not absorb, so it will never smell and is stain resistant and cleans up very easy. It provides an excellent shock absorbent, sounds deadening, non-slip, customizable surface for any vessel. The product is backed with the thickest, highest grade acrylic-based 3M pressure sensitive adhesive providing a simple yet durable installation.

What is the life span of your products?

With average use and care NautiDek will last 7-10 + years. Longer life can be expected if the boat is covered and/or well taken care.

Is it customizable?

Absolutely, we can produce the package with whatever design/ logo’s you would like with added design costs OR pick from our stocked patterns as well. All of our packages are client pre-approved with a proof of the kit so we can be 110% sure it is exactly what you have in mind.

Will it stain?

The product is very stain resistant, food, beverages, dirt, and fishing mess all clean out of NautiDek if they are handled properly and in a timely manner.

How do you clean NautiDek?

We recommend Simple Green HD and a medium stiff deck brush ( both available at home depot) to clean the product. Mist cleaner on, let soak, brush with a medium/firm brush with the grain, rinse. Do not use a pressure washer in close contact, acid based cleaners or solvents with NautiDek as it will damage the product.

What can I install it over?

NautiDek bonds over many clean and properly prepared surfaces. Gel Coat, smooth & non skid (with prep). Painted surfaces must be completely off gassed if freshly painted. Aluminum, smooth and checker plated. We have also had good success bonding to the textured vinyl floors commonly seen in river/jet boats, with the correct prep. Contact us for more information.